Leslie is the most caring soul. I met her 6 years ago and can’t think of anyone else that I’d rather take care of my Lola cat. She plays with her, feeds her, and just loves on her. I always feel so relaxed when I go out of town and know Leslie is doing my cat sitting. She is on time, keeps her agreements, everything is clean, my property is respected, plants are watered, mail is brought up, Lola’s dishes are full of nutritious food/water, and she really listens to what needs to be taken care of. She is truly masterful at what she does!
J. Frank, New York, NY

Leslie is such a caring, supportive, and trustworthy person. Our two cats are, in fact, our “babies”, and Leslie treats them, as well as us, with that kind of understanding. We also appreciate Leslie’s tireless efforts with animal advocacy. You won’t find a better caretaker for your cats than Leslie Kaufman.
R. Ricard & S. Bevan, Queens, NY

I adopted two 9 month old kittens from the same litter 6 years ago from the Humane Society of New York. One of the kittens was partially blind as the result of a birth defect. Leslie Kaufman has been my cat sitter for the entire 6 year period having been highly recommended by the Humane Society. It is important to note that although I work in New York City, I also have a home in Maryland. My job also requires me to travel more frequently than I would like. I use Leslie every time that I am away. My cats adore her. She is very astute, forthright, conscientious, honest, trustworthy, dependable and solid as a rock. It is my honor and privilege to recommend her to you without reservation.
B. Pifel, New York, NY

I had two older cats that required medication and a little extra “TLC”. The cat sitter that On All Fours Cat Sitting® provided was a caring, considerate, cat loving professional that was willing to take care of my “kids” the way that I would have. Upon my return each time, I found a note that detailed what had gone on in my absence, and any other information that I should know, such as how they ate, or behaved. I loved coming home to my happy kids, and the notes from Barbara about her time with them. Feeling confident that your family is being cared for by someone that treats them like their own, gives you a feeling of security that allows you to enjoy your time away.
C. McCullough, Queens, NY

Leslie Kaufman and her staff at On All Fours Cat Sitting® are the best in the business! They take care of our precious ones like we do – with full attention, love, and commitment. Our two “boys” wouldn’t let anyone else take care of them while we’re away. We can always count on Leslie and Barbara when we need them. They truly give us peace of mind when we’re traveling because we know the “boys” are in the best of hands. With gratitude,
T. & J. Casciano, Queens, NY

As a busy professional who travels often, I really need someone I can trust to take care of my two cats while I’m away – they’re attention-hungry boys! Leslie does a fantastic job, and I always come home to two very happy cats.
M. Zagorsek, New York, NY

Our beloved cat Peanut has chronic urinary tract infections as well as residual spinal weakness as a result of a bout with meningitis. We would not consider leaving him with anyone other than Leslie Kaufman. When we went away in May, Peanut developed one of his urinary tract infections and Leslie immediately took matters in hand transporting him to Dr. Plotnick who put him on antibiotics immediately. Thanks, Leslie.
D. Schwartz & A. Ballinger, New York, NY

I discovered the secret to finding a normal cat at home when I travel (which is often). It’s Leslie and On All Fours Cat Sitting®.
L. Ter meulen, New York, NY

“I can’t wait ’til my Mom goes away so Leslie can come over and play!”
Anjou Maggie Le Poire Ter meulen, New York, NY

On All Fours Cat Sitting® has been a God-send for me. My Pepper has diabetes, needing insulin injections twice daily. Leslie has made it possible for me to go away and always feel that Pepper is in good hands. She is thorough, professional and genuinely cares about our little loved ones! She is awesome!
K. Walker, New York, NY

Leslie Kaufman’s On All Fours Cat Sitting® has provided sensitive and dependable care for our cats for the past five-and-a-half years. We learned of her services soon after moving to Forest Hills, Queens, from a brochure in our veterinarian’s office. She conducted a thorough interview with our family, and our cats responded immediately to her soothing and caring manner. Once we met her, we knew that she was the right person to provide care for our cat companions.

Ms Kaufman has cared for our geriatric cats and our kittens over the years. She is wonderful with cats of any age and is experienced with giving medications, and even fluids when necessary. She is so caring that she has even purchased toys for our loved ones while we were on vacation!

Ms Kaufman not only provides reliable feeding services, she also keeps the litter clean, spot cleans their messes, and gathers the mail, etc. She spends time with our cats after they finish eating too, providing some play-time attention.

Another unique service that Ms Kaufman provides is a detailed note which tells us how our little ones behaved during her visits, and any concerns/observations that she may have. This information was especially important to us when she was caring for our geriatric companions. She has been available whenever we have needed her services, even during family emergencies. We would never consider using another pet sitting service and we trust her implicitly. In fact, she has had an extra set of our keys for years now. Knowing that she is there to care for our beloved cats allows us to travel worry-free. If we need a kitty update during our trip, all we have to do is call. It is very important to our family that our cats have a familiar and dependable person to care for them whenever we must travel. Our cat companions have developed a relationship with Ms Kaufman and we are all thankful for her services.

Ms Kaufman has our deepest respect, and we highly recommend her to anyone in need of pet sitting services. If clients should need any further reference information, do not hesitate to contact us.

J. Kincaid, LMSW and S. Kincaid, Ph.D, Queens, NY

Whenever I returned from vacation Sheba greeted me warmly but I could tell that she had been on vacation too. I trusted Leslie completely with Sheba and Sheba loved Leslie, too. Especially when she got older and more frail, I knew I could entrust my beloved Sheba to Leslie. At that stage I would not have entrusted her care with anyone else. She not only took care of basics, but gave Sheba the company and support she needed, and could competently handle the more challenging tasks like giving her medication. I never had any hesitation in wholeheartedly recommending Leslie for normal need and special needs cats.
H. Robinson, Queens, NY

Lana is my grandcat. She came to grandma’s house about two years ago. She’s a beautiful six year old with a spirited nature.

Like every grandmother I wanted the best for Lana – I mean the best in all aspects of her care. My greatest concern was in finding someone reliable to care for Lana when I went on vacation.

A local vet recommended the services of Leslie Kaufman. I was immediately impressed with the brochure and the cute name “On All Fours Cat Sitting®.”

Leslie came to my home with one of her staff who would become Lana’s personal sitter. During our initial meeting I was relieved and convinced beyond a doubt that I had found the right person for Lana and me. Leslie noted every detail essential to the well-being of Lana, such as likes, dislikes, habits, etc. When I asked for references I was provided with a list.

When vacation time rolls around I leave feeling relaxed and secure knowing that Lana, my grandcat, is in good hands receiving the best of care.
V. Beckford, Queens, NY

I have utilized Leslie Kaufman of On All Fours Cat Sitting® since 2004. At the time I had three cats. Two of the three required daily medication. I travel quite a bit and I knew I needed the most professional and caring cat sitter that I could find. I was thrilled when I heard of Leslie. I actually found her card at a pet store in Manhattan and then it turned out she was recommended by the new Veterinary Cat Specialist I was going to take the cats to on the Upper West Side. It couldn’t have been more perfect. The care that is given to my cats is absolutely incredible. Leslie is extremely competent, honest, and intelligent. If she has any concerns or suggestions regarding the cats or their environment she tells you right away. I really trust her knowledge and opinion. If you want a sitter who truly is dedicated and will take care of your cats as if they were her own, then On All Fours Cat Sitting® is for you.
L. Clutz, Queens, NY

Before I found Leslie I would ask different friends to look in on my 2 kitties when I was away. I hated to leave them and I was always a nervous wreck, which of course made them nervous. Leslie has been a blessing! She and the people who work for her are true cat people. I can relax, knowing my babies are in good hands. And now that I have only one kitty it’s even more important that someone can spend time w/ him when I’m away. He’s also on medication now that he hates and I was worried about leaving him, but everything went well! Leslie even found a new way of giving it to him that works better!
Thanks Leslie!!!
J. Ruotolo, Queens, NY