About Us

Leslie Kaufman, President of On All Fours® Cat Sitting, has 2 cats of her own and was a volunteer for the Humane Society of New York for several years before starting On All Fours in 1998. As a volunteer, Leslie was passionately involved in the day-to-day activity at the Humane Society’s adoption center, where she worked to socialize shy and abandoned cats and prepare them for adoption. Leslie also spent time getting to know prospective adopters in order to facilitate adoptions, matching feline personalities with people and their other pets.

Today, On All Fours’ clients — as well as her colleagues — attribute Leslie’s success to her compassion for animals and to her warmth when interacting with clients, many of who have been using On All Fours Cat Sitting on a regular basis since the late-1990s. To say that her comprehensive knowledge of the feline world inspires confidence in Leslie’s clients would be an understatement. In fact, most of On All Fours’ clients are known to check on Leslie’s availability before booking or arranging their own out of town travel (just to make sure Leslie’s available)! Her thoroughness, sense of humor, and genuine interest in people and their pets quickly puts new clients at ease.

As you can see, Leslie Kaufman is an invaluable resource to her clients, most of whom welcome suggestions and advice regarding feline behavior and diet, as well as the use of new pet care products. Leslie offers tips on how to successfully administer all medications, significantly decreasing the stress clients and their cats would otherwise experience.

On All Fours Cat Sitting employs consummate, passionate cat lovers — much like Leslie — to care for clients’ cats. Staff must meet Leslie’s standards for excellent cat care, whether they currently live — or have lived — with multiple cats, and even if they work as cat rescuers or shelter/adoption center volunteers. All of Leslie’s employees are trained to provide the outstanding care that On All Fours’ is known to provide to every client. All On All Fours staff members are sensitive to client needs and the detailed care requirements of each cat in their care.

For more information about Leslie Kaufman or On All Fours Cat Sitting, give Leslie a call or drop her a note using our Contact Form.