Welcome to On All Fours Cat Sitting

On All Fours Cat Sitting® has been providing special, reliable, secure, and comprehensive in-home (in your home) cat care throughout Manhattan and Queens since 1998. We are professional caregivers and consultants in every sense of those words, which is what makes us so exceptional! Not only do we care for your cats while you’re out of town, we care about them and their welfare and happiness with passion.

There is so much more to care than putting a bowl of food down for your cat. Sure, we take care of the essentials — feeding, changing water, meticulous daily litterbox maintenance, etc. — but we also go above and beyond what other sitters do by spending true quality time with your cats, administer their medication (all types, including oral, topical, eye, ear, insulin injections, subcutaneous fluids), brush them, trim their nails, and even spend quiet time with elderly, disabled, sick, or shy cats. At the end of the day, you can rest assured that we follow your instructions in intricate detail. We even make suggestions and recommendations that allow you to provide the best care for your felines, allowing them to live quality and happy lives that bring you peace of mind!

At On All Fours Cat Sitting, we are vigilant about changes in your cats’ behavior. Whether their litterbox habits, appetite, water consumption, or socializing changes because you’re away, or they’re just their normal selves, WE KNOW CATS, and we know how to make them happy while you’re way! We know cats because — after loving and caring for them for many years in our homes, at shelters where we’ve volunteered and worked, and as caretakers in your homes just like yours — we’re cat people.

At On All Fours Cat Sitting, we know your individual cats because we strive to do so – it’s a priority for us to get to know each of your cats personally, so we can interact with him/her as best as possible, and so that we can communicate any changes we observe that may be impacting his/her health and/or welfare while you’re away. We are proactive about our communication with you, giving you the opportunity and time to act to ensure your cat gets the attention he deserves, whether it’s medical attention from a vet, or professional grooming from someone we personally recommend. We have solid relationships with veterinarians, groomers, pet supply store owners and other professional pet sitters and boarders and will not hesitate to consult with them or refer them to you.

Please call us at 917-623-0087, or use our online Contact Form to speak with us about your specific needs for care. Whether you have kittens, older cats, special needs cats (disabled or ailing) or a multi-cat household, On All Fours Cat Sitting can help. Learn how you and your feline family members would benefit from our all-inclusive services, and as a result, experience total peace of mind when leaving your cats at home, in our care, whether it’s just overnight, or for several days or weeks at a time.

Visit our client testimonials page where several of our loyal, steady clients share their experiences relating to our extraordinary cat care.